Domestic and Foreign Food Manufacturers


Food facility registration for the domestic and foreign manufacturers.
Food facilities engaged in the manufacturing, packing, processing, or storage are required to register with the FDA. We can assist you with food facility registration. Our fee for foreign facility registration is $ 299 per (includes annual U.S. Agent fee) and $ 145 for domestic facility registration. Click here to start

U.S. Agent services for foreign companies.

If you are a foreign company and want to handle registration on your own, we can act as your U.S. Agent. Our annual U.S. Agent fee is $ 299 per. We can offer a discounted fee if you pay for two years. Click here to get started.

Labeling compliance for food, beverages, and dietary supplements.

Food products marketed in the USA must comply with FDA labeling requirements. We can help you with labeling review and offer the most competitive fee.

Process filing for Low and acidified products.

If you are manufacturers of low acid or acidified products, you must submit process filling to the FDA. We can assist you with the process filing, and our fee is $ 325 per process filing.

Prior import notice

Manufacturers or shippers of the food must submit prior import notification before food is offered for import into the United States. The purpose of prior notice is to enable FDA to target inspections or examinations of the imported food at U.S. ports. Our fee for prior import notice filing is $15 per shipment. Please click here for more information.