FAQ: Cosmetics

What is new MOCRA registration for cosmetics ?

Per the new MoCRA regulations, cosmetic products must comply with certain registration, listing, adverse event reporting, and safety substation requirements.

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FDA cosmetic labeling requirements FDAbasics
Overview of  FDA cosmetic labeling requirements   Here is a list of  FDA cosmetic labeling requirements The common name of the product must be displayed prominently on the principal display panel. Example “Moisturizing cream” New weight should appear prominently on the PDP Cosmetic Ingredient labeling; all the ingredients used  (except flavors and fragrances) must appearRead More
Cosmetic Product Require a prior approval from the FDA ?

Under U.S. law, cosmetic products and ingredients, except for color additivesdo not need FDA approval before they are introduced to the market. However, cosmetic manufacturers bear legal responsibility for ensuring their products’ safety and accurate labeling. However, the FDA may take enforcement action on the product if it is not complying with regulations. 

 Here are a few things you must consider before selling cosmetic products. 

Is the Cosmetic Product safe to use?

Registration and listing of the facility and products. 

Compliance with labeling requirements. 

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Can the FDA inspect cosmetics manufacturers?

Yes. The FDA can and does inspect cosmetic manufacturing facilities to assure cosmetic product safety and to determine whether cosmetics are adulterated or misbranded under the FD&C Act or FPLA.

Are there any Exemptions for MoCRA Registration and Listing ?

Certain facilities are exempted from MoCRA registration, listing, and GMP requirements. 

Salons and Beaty shops 

Products that are also OTC drugs and cosmetics 

Small Business

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How FDAbasics can help for MoCRA Compliance

FDAbasics can act as US agent and help facilities to register and list the product. Read more

What are FDA regulations for make up products.

It depends on the intended use of the product. You can find more information on the below link.