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Gdufa Self Indentification

FAQ: Gdufa Self Identification

Our Services for GDUFA Self Identification Requirement

How our company help you to meet self identification requirement ? FDAbasics can offer you complete support for self identification of your facility to comply with GDUFA requirements. We shall assist you to obtain the FEI number which is mandatory requirement for GDUFA self identification of your facility. We just don’t submit your self identification,… Read More

When Should I Self-Identify?

You should self identify if you are performing generic drug-related activities, including manufacturing, testing, or clinical studies. It is more important to know when you should self identify. Our services can save your time and money.

How much time will it take to self-identify my facility?
With our support, the self-identification process takes about 48 hours.
How can I verify my self-identification status?

The FDA publishes a list of all self-identified facility addresses, along with their type of business.

What information is required for self-identification?

Basic contact information is required, along with information about the nature of the operations – for example, FDF manufacturing or API manufacturing testing.

What about fees for self-identification?

Only facilities that manufacture, or intend to manufacture, generic drug APIs, FDFs, or both, are required to pay facility fees. Sites and organizations that only perform testing, repackaging, or re-labelling are not required to pay a user fee.

Who needs to self-identify?

All facilities involved in generic drug manufacturing (including API manufacturing), packing, testing and bio-equivalence testing are required to self-identify.