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FAQ: FSVP - Foreign Supplier Verification

FSVP Agent (FSVP Importer) – FSVP requirements

An FSVP Agent or FSVP importer  is an individual  or a company, residing or maintaining a business in the USA, who is the designated representative of a foreign supplier for FSVP compliance purpose. When is an FSVP Agent or FSVP  Importer is required  ? An FSVP Agent is required when  there is no U.S. owner … Continue reading FSVP Agent (FSVP Importer) – FSVP requirements

What is FSVP ?

FSVP stands for Foreign Supplier Verification Program. FSVP is one of the requirement as per FSMA rule, which requires importers in the United States to verify their foreign supplier to assure their suppliers follow food safety standards equivalent  the standards  established by FDA.    As per the FDA’s FSMA  rule  foreign suppliers must conduct a … Continue reading What is FSVP ?

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