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FAQ: FSVP - Foreign Supplier Verification

FSVP Agent (FSVP Importer)

An FSVP Agent or FSVP importer  is an individual  or a company, residing or maintaining a business in the USA, who is the designated representative of a foreign supplier for FSVP compliance purpose. When is an FSVP Agent or FSVP  Importer is required  ? An FSVP Agent is required when  there is no U.S. owner … Continue reading FSVP Agent (FSVP Importer)

What is FSVP ?

FSVP stands for Foreign Supplier Verification Program. As per the FDA’s FSMA  rule  foreign suppliers must conduct a supplier verification to make sure that the foreign supplier is complying with    U.S. safety standards. A U.S importer is responsible for foreign supplier verification. Importers who are covered by the FSMA rule must have a foreign supplier … Continue reading What is FSVP ?

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