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FDA approval process and FDA certification
FDA approval process and FDA Certification What is the FDA approval process or FDA certification?   The answer to this question depends on your product category. Here are the  FDA approval requirements for each category of products i.e., Food, Drug, Medical Device, and Cosmetics.   What is FDA certification? There is no such process orRead More
US FDA Registration is required for your product ? Understanding US FDA Registration Requirements, a complete guide for US FDA compliance.

Manufacturer of Food, Drug, and Medical device requires US FDA registration for their facilities. US FDA Registration is only needed if you are planning to market your products in the USA. FDA registration vs. FDA approval The term “US FDA registration” or “FDA Registration” is often confused with the term “FDA approval.” However, FDA… Read More

How to search FDA registration number

Answer to the question “How to  search FDA Registration Number”  depends on the type of product.  FDA has maintained the database for  medical device and drug establishment registrations, whereas there is no online searchable database for food facility registration. Here are the step by step instructions  to search FDA Registration Number   1. Food FacilityRead More

How to Renew FDA Registration – Timelines and Fees
FDA registration renewal timelines?   The answer to this question depends on whether your product is Food, Medical Device, or Drug. Food facility registration  renewal   Food facility registration must be renewed every even year between 1st October to 31st Decemebr. For example, in 2018, 2020, and 2022.  We offer free assistance for food facility registration…  Read More

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