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Pricing and General FAQ

What is ANDA?

ANDA is the Abbreviated New Drug Application, the FDA's generic drug approval process.. .... Read More

Who should file ANDA?

Any companies interested in obtaining generic drug approval should file ANDA.. .... Read More

What is a generic drug?

A generic drug is identical–or bio equivalent–to a brand name drug (already approved by FDA) in dosage form, safety, strength, route of administration, quality, performance characteristics and intended use.. .... Read More

What information should be included for ANDA?

Generally, ANDA includes chemistry, manufacturing, control, bio study and administrative information.. .... Read More

How much is ANDA fee?

ANDA  fee for FY 2019  are as below.

  ANDA fee -     $ 178,799 . This fee is applicable for each ANDA. ANDA Program fee - This is the annual for ANDA holder.
Large Size . .... Read More

What is the time frame for approval for ANDA Applications?

If all the submitted information is appropriate and correct, the process takes between 12 and 16 months. If you have any other questions about ANDA, please feel to contact us.. .... Read More

Who should register?

As per 21 CFR 207, domestic and foreign establishments that manufacture, repack, or re-label drug products in the United States are required to register with the FDA.. .... Read More

What information is required for Establishment Registration?

The contact address and DUNS number are required for Establishment Registration. Non US-companies are also required to provide US Agent information. If required, we can act as US agent for your company.. .... Read More

Does the FDA issue Certificates of Registration?

No. The FDA does not issue any certificates. You can verify your company registration at the below link: http://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/cder/drls/default.cfm. .... Read More

How long will it take for Establishment Registration?

Generally, it takes two to three working days.. .... Read More

What are the fees for Establishment Registration?

The FDA does not charge any fee for Establishment Registration. See our pricing section for consulting fees.. .... Read More

How can Pragmatic help with Establishment Registration?

We prepare the establishment registration SPL on behalf of your company and submit to the FDA through our ESG gateway. We also provide US Agent services for non-US companies.. .... Read More

When do we need to renew Drug Establishment Registration?

Establishments must renew their registration annually, between October 1st and December 31st of each year.. .... Read More

What is an NDC labeler code? FDAbasics

What is an NDC labeler code, and how to get it? 

  NDC labeler code NDC  Labeler Code is a five-digit number ass. .... Read More

What is a Drug Listing?

Drug listing is the process of providing product and labeling information to FDA in electronic format.. .... Read More

What Is an NDC Number? FDAbasics.com – Drug Listing

What is an NDC Number (National Drug Code) and Drug Listing? NDC number format explained.  NDC  number is a ten-digit numerical code assigned to drugs. The first five digits of the NDC come from the labeler code.  The FDA assigns labeler code to the manufacturer, distributor, or private label distributor of. .... Read More

Who needs a Drug Listing?

The owner or operator of an establishment entering into drug manufacture or preparation.. .... Read More

How much time does it take to obtain the NDC number?

This process takes around 48 hours.. .... Read More

How much time will Drug Listing take?

Once we have the information, the process takes two to three days.. .... Read More

How can you help me with Drug Listing?

We provide a complete service for drug listing and NDC numbers. We will support you through each stage of the process, until your registration is complete.. .... Read More

What information do I have to provide for Drug Listing?

For drug listing, we need the following information:

  • Product label
  • Labelling information
  • Packaging configuration
  • FEI number
. .... Read More

What are your fees for NDC assistance ?

Our fees for NDC number assistance are $199.. .... Read More

What are your fees for drug listing?

Our fees for drug listing are $250.. .... Read More

Who needs to self-identify?

All facilities involved in generic drug manufacturing (including API manufacturing), packing, testing and bio-equivalence testing are required to self-identify.. .... Read More

What about fees for self-identification?

Only facilities that manufacture, or intend to manufacture, generic drug APIs, FDFs, or both, are required to pay facility fees. Sites and organizations that only perform testing, repackaging, or re-labelling are not required to pay a user fee.. .... Read More

What information is required for self-identification?

Basic contact information is required, along with information about the nature of the operations - for example, FDF manufacturing or API manufacturing testing.. .... Read More

How can I very my self-identification status?

The FDA publishes a list of all self-identified facility addresses, along with their type of business.. .... Read More

How much time will it take to self-identify my facility?

With our support, the self-identification process takes about 48 hours.. .... Read More

When Should I Self-Identify?

You should self identify if you are performing generic drug-related activities, including manufacturing, testing, or clinical studies.  It is more important to know when you should self identify. Our services can save you time and money.. .... Read More

How we can help to market your medical device?

Pragmatic supports companies to classify their medical devices and identify the applicable regulatory requirements. Our complete solution takes through each stage of the requirements.. .... Read More

What are the requirements for marketing medical devices in the United States?

This depends on the type of medical device you are intending to market. The FDA has established both general requirements and special requirements. General requirements include establishment registration, device listing, proper labeling and GMP, which are applicable to most devices. Special requirements – such as Pre market notification and Pre market approval – are applicab. .... Read More

Can the FDA inspect cosmetics manufacturers?

Yes. The FDA can and does inspect cosmetic manufacturing facilities to assure cosmetic product safety and to determine whether cosmetics are adulterated or misbranded under the FD&C Act or FPLA.. .... Read More

What do cosmetics firms need to do?

Under the law, cosmetics manufacturers are not required to register their cosmetic establishments or file their product formulations with the FDA, and no registration number is required to import cosmetics into the United States. However, we encourage cosmetic firms to participate in the FDA’s Voluntary Cosmetic Registration Program (VCRP) using the online registration system. .... Read More

FDA US Agent

. .... Read More

Are there any hidden fees?

No. Our fees are transparent and there are not hidden charges.. .... Read More

Do I need a US Agent?

US Agent appointment is mandatory for all foreign companies who wish to market their drug, food or medical device products in the United States. In the vast majority of cases, the FDA communicates with companies through the US Agent.. .... Read More

How much time will it take to appoint a US Agent?

We can complete the US Agent appointment formalities in just 20 minutes, using through our online system. As soon as you provide your company information and make the payment, we can give you US Agent details to include in your regulatory submission or registration. Click here Read More

How much is the US Agent fee?

Our standard US Agent fee is $299 for one year. However, if your company has potential regulatory submissions, which might include NDA, IND, ANDA, Controlled Correspondence, or PMA, then fees may be more, as these services require more frequent involvement of the US Agent. Read More

Responsibilities of US Agent

Below are the  Responsibilities of US Agent

  1. Acting as an intermediary for communications between the FDA and foreign companies.
  2. Provides assistance to answer any questions concerni. .... Read More

Our Services for GDUFA Self Identification Requirement

How  our company  help you to meet self identification requirement ? FDAbasics can offer you complete support for self identification of your facility to comply with GDUFA requirements. We shall assist you to obtain the FEI number which is mandatory requirement for GDUFA self identification of your facility. We just don't submit your self identification, we also provide guidance on when. .... Read More

What is a Drug Master File?

A Drug Master File – or DMF – is FDA's provision to submit confidentiality information on the chemistry, manufacturing and control information about a product for the agency's evaluation.. .... Read More

How we can assist for DMF submission to FDA?

Pragmatic offers a complete solution for all types of DMF submission to the FDA. We offer DMF review, compilation, technical gap analysis, eCTD conversion and submission through ESG. We also provide services for management throughout the lifecycle of a drug master file. Please contact us for more information.. .... Read More

How much time is required for DMF submission?

The timeline for the DMF submission depends on the availability of technical documents. If you have all the documents – including Batch records, Specification, Method of analysis, In process specification, Raw material specification and testing reports, Impurity profiling, Batch analysis data, and stability study – it will take about 10 working days to compile the DMF in eCTD format and submit. .... Read More

How much is the DMF Fee ?

DMF fee is applicable only for type II DMFs  (API or Drug  Substance).  There is no fee charged by FDA for packing material or excipient DMF. FY 2019 , DMF fee is     $ 55,013.   This fee should be paid well before referencing your DMF in your ANDA application. However, you can still submit the DMF to FDA without paying the fees and wait for the  ANDA sponsor. After you pay the type. .... Read More

How we can assist you?

Pragmatic offers complete solutions to comply with all the FDA requirements: US agent services, food facility registration, labelling review, and guidance for GMP compliance requirements. Please contact us for more information.. .... Read More

How much time is required for food facility registration?

After you have provided the required information, it takes about 48 hours to complete the food facility registration.. .... Read More

Does each food or dietary supplement require separate registration?

No. There is no such provision in the regulatory framework to register each dietary supplement since it is not required by law. Food facility  registration is the one of the FDA's requirement as per Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002.. .... Read More

What are the FDA requirements for food- USA Food regulations

[caption id="attachment_1317" align="alignnone" width="543"]FDA requirements for Food explained FDA Requirements for Food Products[/caption]

FDA req. .... Read More

What is FSVP ?

FSVP stands for the Foreign Supplier Verification Program.

FSVP is one of the requirements as per the FSMA rule, which requires importers in the United States to verify their foreign. .... Read More

FDA Biennial Registration Renewal period Food Facility

When is the  FDA Biennial Registration Renewal period for Food Facility?

  Food facility registration must be renewed every even year, between October and December. Example  : If you have submitted initial registration in the month of September 2017,   then you mus. .... Read More

FSVP Agent (FSVP Importer) – FSVP requirements

An FSVP Agent or FSVP importer  is an individual  or a company, residing or maintaining a business in the USA, who is the designated representative of a foreign supplier for FSVP compliance purpose. Read More

US FDA food regulations

Here is a summary of US FDA food regulations. However, additional requirements are applicable based on your product category.

  1. Appoint a US Agent (for all foreign companies)
  2. Food facility registration
  3.  FDA labeling requirements
  4.  Food Safety  (HACCP or GMP)
  5. Prior import notice
  6. Compliance with product-specific requirements, i. .... Read More

eCTD Requirements and cost effective solutions

 Electronic Common Technical Document -eCTD

eCTD is a harmonized regulatory filing format widely accepted by several countries. ICH adopted countries have common modules 2,3,4, and 5  and customized administrative module 1 according to country-specific requirem. .... Read More

How to Renew FDA Registration – Timelines and Fees

 FDA registration renewal timelines?

fda registration renewal   The answer to this question depends on whether your product is Food, Medical Device, or Drug. Read More

How to search FDA registration number

Answer to the question "How to  search FDA Registration Number"  depends on the type of product.  FDA has maintained the database for  medical device and drug establishment registrations, whereas there is no online searchable database for food facility registration.

Here are the step by step inst. .... Read More

What should you know about DMF annual report

In the  industry there  is  lot of confusion  about  content and format of   DMF  annual report. Important  -  DMF annual reports are  NOT used for   reporting changes in the drug master file. Amendments  are used for reporting changes in the DMF. Read More

US FDA Registration is required for your product ? Understanding US FDA Registration Requirements, a complete guide for US FDA compliance.

Manufacturer of  Food, Drug, and Medical device requires US FDA registration for their facilities. US FDA Registration is only needed if you are planning to market your products in the USA.   

FDA registration vs. FDA approval  

The term  "US F. .... Read More

US FDA labeling requirements for food

Here is the summary of  FDA labeling requirements for food products marketed in the USA. FDA labeling requirements for food

Overview of US FDA labeli. .... Read More

An Overview of FDA Requirements for OTC Drugs (Over the Counter Products ) and understanding FDA regulation for OTC drugs

FDA requirements for OTC drugs vary for  OTC monograph products and new  OTC drugs. Drugs with active ingredients published in the OTC final monograph can be marketed without prior approval from FDA. However,  if you plan to market OTC   drugs with active ingredients that are not p. .... Read More

FDA Drug listing requirements for API (bulk drugs)

Drug establishment registration and drug listing are mandatory requirements for APIs  (bulk drugs) commercially marketed in the USA.  Manufacturer of API must register their drug establishment where the product is . .... Read More

What is FDA DMF ? US FDA DMF Filing

FDA DMF   filing requirements (Drug Master File)

DMF stands for Drug Master File which contains confidential information related to the manufacturing, control  or chemistry of the product.  A US DMF filing is the provision made by the US FDA  to maintain the confidentiality  of the information in the DMF Filing. The Manufacturer of the Drug, excipient. .... Read More

FDA cosmetic labeling requirements FDAbasics

Overview of  FDA cosmetic labeling requirements

  FDA cosmetic labeling requirements Here is a list of  FDA cosmetic labeling requirements <. .... Read More

Test Form

. .... Read More

FDA regulation for hand sanitizers. How are consumer hand sanitizers regulated in the USA ?

FDA regulation for hand sanitizers FDA regulation for hand sanitizers finalized the FDA’s previous determination that 28 active ingredients, including triclosan and benzethonium chlo. .... Read More

How can FDAbasics help you ? What is the time and cost? 

We offer below services to comply with FDA requirements for Hand Sanitizers.

  1. US Agent services- Appointment of US Agent is mandatory for foreign companies. Our fee for US Agent services is $ 299 per year. You can complete an  online form at the link below and make the payment.  After receipt of the completed form and the payme. .... Read More

What is FDA’s temporary policy for hand sanitizers?

The FDA’s temporary policy  defines several conditions which alcohol based hand sanitizers must follow.  FDA defined conditions include the following ;   

  1. Quality and source of  alcohol 
  2. Active and . .... Read More

Who is required to register (Drug Establishment Registration) ?

Drug establishment registration  is  applicable  for manufacturing facilities. Any Establishment engaged in the manufacture, preparation, propagation,compounding, repacking, relabeling, or processing of a drug product for commercial distribution is required to register with FDA. Private label distributors and importers are not required to register. . .... Read More

Who is required to obtain the labeler code ?

Labeler code is a 5 digit number assigned by FDA for each company.  Manufacture, Packer  and Private label distributor are required to apply for the labeler code for drug listing purpose.  . .... Read More

What is the labeler code and drug listing  ?

  You can find more information about    https://www.fdabasics.com/our-faq/ndc-number/. .... Read More

NDC numbers are required on the product label ?

21 CFR 201.2 currently states that NDC’s are "requested but not required" to appear on all drug labels    . .... Read More

Who is a private label distributor (PLD) ?

A firm that does not participate in the manufacture or processing of a drug but instead markets and distributes under its own trade name, and labels a drug product made by someone else, is referred to as a Private Label Distributor or PLD.. .... Read More

Is FDA prior inspection required for Hand Sanitizer manufacturing facilities ?

FDA's Temporary policy for hand sanitizers  does not mention about the  facility inspection. However, manufacturing should be under sanitary conditions.  For  OTC Hand Sanitizer that  does not comply with FDA's temporary policy , manufacturing  should be under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) conditions , However, prio inspection from FDA is not req. .... Read More

Is there a seperate fee for each pack size listing ?

  No, we can cover multiple pack sizes under one fee .. .... Read More

Are surface disinfectants regulated by the FDA ?

  No, surface disinfectants are regulated by the EPA.. .... Read More

Does FDA issue certificates  upon completion of the successful  registration and listing  process ?

No, the FDA does not issue the certificate. Registration /listing status can be verified on the FDA website.  If required,  we can issue the certificate for your confirmation. . .... Read More

Who is required to appoint a US Agent?  What are the responsibilities of a US Agent?

It is mandatory for foreign companies to appoint a US Agent for FDA communication purposes.  The US Agent acts as a medium of communication between the FDA and the Foreign company. . .... Read More

When a new NDC is required ?

New NDC is required for ;

  • New strength or new active ingredient
  • New Dosage form 
  • Any change in physical appearance (size, shape, color, scoring, imprint, etc.)  Read More

What information is required for registration and listing ?

  For establishment registration-  Company Name , DUNS, Physical address, contact person information    For drug listing - Proprietary name, Active /inactive names, Information about pack /pack type, representative . .... Read More

How to get US FDA approval for Hand Sanitizers

Here is the answer to your question How to get US  FDA approval for Hand Sanitizers. FDA  approval is not required for over the counter hand sanitizers. You can sell hand sanitizers by complying with "Temporary Policy for Preparation of Certain Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer Products During the Public Health Emergency (COVID-19) Guidance for Industry".   You can find an overview of t. .... Read More

FDA hand sanitizer registration, FDA requirements for hand sanitizer or   FDA  approval for hand sanitizer ; What is required?

FDA hand sanitizer registration, FDA requirements for hand sanitizer or   FDA  approval for hand sanitizer FDA  approval for hand sanitizer - FDA approval is not req. .... Read More

FDA approval process and FDA certification

FDA approval process and FDA Certification What is the FDA approval process or FDA certification? FDA approval and FDA certification   The answer to this ques. .... Read More

How to get NDC number

The first step to get the  NDC number is obtaining a labeler from the FDA and then the NDC number can be assigned to products using the labeler code obtained by the FDA.  In this article, we have answered your questions about how to get NDC numbers in detail.

Step by step guide on how to get NDC number. 

. .... Read More

Change of U.S. agent FDA -How it will impact ?

Change of U.S. agent FDA

Change of U.S Agent will not affect your registration or business. You can change the U.S Agent name in the FDA registration anytime. How to change US Agent information in the FDA registration?
  • Login to your account
  • Update information in the US Agent section
  • Submit the registration
  • US Agent will receive notice f. .... Read More

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