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How to get DUNS number for free

The  DUNS number is a nine-digit unique number assigned by the D&B  (the DUN and Bradstreet), a private company. In this blog, we have explained “How to get a DUNS number for free.

Why  DUNS number?

DUNS number for drug establishment registration -A  DUNS number is a mandatory requirement for drug establishment registration.

DUNS number for food facilities and importers—The DUNS number is a mandatory requirement for food importers and manufacturers. The FDA considers DUNS a UFI (Unique Facility Identifier) for registration purposes.

How much does the DUNS number cost?

You can obtain the DUNS free of charge from D&B, which may take 30 business days and require you to complete all the formalities for the DUNS application.  FDAbasics can help you to get DUNS in 10 business days.  Here is the online form for the DUNS number application.

DUNS application form 

How to get a DUNS number for free

  1. Apply for the DUNS on the fdadunslookup.com website. You can find step by step user guide at the below link. https://fdadunslookup.com/FDA%20DUNS%20Portal%20User%20Guide.pdf
  2. You can also apply for the DUNS on the federal DUNS website at the below link. https://fedgov.dnb.com/webform/
  3. If you need a DUNS number within 24 hours, contact your local D&B office.

Even when you contact your local D&B office, they may say that the DUNS number is chargeable; however, you have to explain to them that the  DUNS number is required for FDA compliance purposes.

In the United States, DUNS number   by contacting D&B by phone at 866-705-5711, via email at govt@dnb.com, by visiting D&B’s Website

How much time will it take to get the DUNS number?

Upon receiving a completed request, It usually takes 30 days to provide a  DUNS  number. For businesses willing to pay a fee of about $250, Dun & Bradstreet can assign the DUNS number within five days. We can help you to get the DUNS number within 10 business  days. Please contact us for more information.

How to search the existing DUNS number and update D&B records

You can search for your DUNS number on the fdadunslookup.com website and update the company information in D&B records.

FDAbasics can help you to get your DUNS number free of charge. Contact us for more information.

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