FDA Cosmetic Labeling Requirements

Overview of  FDA cosmetic labeling requirements

FDA cosmetic labeling requirements

Here is a list of  FDA cosmetic labeling requirements

  • The common name of the product must be displayed prominently on the principal display panel. Example “Moisturizing cream”
  • Net weight should appear prominently on the PDP
  • Cosmetic Ingredient labeling; all the ingredients used (except flavors and fragrances) must appear on the product label in the order of prominence.
  • Name and address of manufacturer or distributor
  • Warning statement
  • Ingredients name should be according to CFTA or the common name of the ingredient
  • Cosmetic labeling claim must include the drug claims such as to cure or treat any disease or medical condition.

The FDA has published a cosmetic labeling guide summarizing the requirements for 21 CFR 701.2 (cosmetic labeling rule).

Incorrect labeling may result in the detention of your shipments at the port of entry.

FDA cosmetic labeling font size requirements

Font size for  Ingredient  declaration :
1/16″  and  1/32″ for  Labeling surface, less than 12 sq. in.
Font  size for  Net Contents:

  • 1/16″ (PDP less than 5 sq. in.)
  • 1/8″ (PDP 5-25 sq. in.)
  • 3/16″ (PDP 25-100 sq. in.)
Font size for  Warning:  1/16″

For any labeling texts: must use reasonably related Font size to panel size

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Failure to comply with FDA labeling requirements may result in FDA enforcement action such as warning letters, product detention, and product seizure.

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