FSVP Agent (FSVP Importer)

FSVP Agent (FSVP Importer) – FSVP requirements

An FSVP Agent or FSVP importer  is an individual  or a company, residing or maintaining a business in the USA, who is the designated representative of a foreign supplier for FSVP compliance purpose.

When is an FSVP Agent or FSVP  Importer is required  ?

FSVP Agent FSVP importer
An FSVP Agent is required when  there is no U.S. owner or consignee of the foreign food  article that is being offered for import into the United States. For example, the food products sold through e-commerce  may not have a designated owner of the food article at the at the time of U.S. entry.

The FSVP importer is responsible for  foreign supplier related activities. FDA may inspect your agent  remotely or physically for verification of FSVP related compliance. So, it is important that your agent to maintains supplier verification documents. 

We can act as your FSVP Agent and maintain the required documentation. If you are looking for FSVP related assistance, please complete the  FSVP form and we will get back you with our detailed proposal.

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