What is FSVP ?

FSVP stands for the Foreign Supplier Verification Program.

FSVP is one of the requirements as per the FSMA rule, which requires importers in the United States to verify their foreign suppliers to ensure their suppliers follow food safety standards equivalent to the standards established by the FDA. 



As per the FDA’s FSMA  rule, foreign suppliers must conduct a supplier verification to make sure that the foreign supplier is complying with    U.S. safety standards. A U.S importer is responsible for foreign supplier verification.

Importers who are covered by the FSMA rule must have a foreign supplier verification program in place.

The companies who do not have an importer in the USA are required to appoint an FSVP agent responsible for foreign supplier verification related activities.

The foods listed below are exempted from  Foreign Supplier Verification requirements.

  1. Juice or ingredients used in the juice (in compliance with part 120 or 123 ).
  2. Food for research or evaluation.
  3. Alcoholic beverages
  4. Meat, poultry, and egg products regulated by USDA.
  5. Imported food for personal consumption
  6.  Transshipped food.
  7. Imported food for further processing and export purposes.
  8. Returned consignments of exported food. There should not be any further processing of such a product in a foreign country.
  9. Fish and Fishery Products (in compliance with part 123).
Activities that should be conducted under foreign supplier verification include the following:

FDAbasics can you help you to comply with Foreign Supplier Verification requirements. We can also act as your FSVP agent. Please contact us  for more information.

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