How to get NDC number

 NDC number at lowest fee and quick.

How to get NDC number

The first step to get the  NDC number is obtaining a labeler from the FDA and then the NDC number can be assigned to products using the labeler code obtained by the FDA.  In this article, we have answered your questions about how to get NDC numbers in detail.

Step by step guide on how to get NDC number.

  1. The first step to get the NDC number is the labeler code application.
  2. Drug establishment registration.
  3. Manufacturing /packaging facilities must be registered with the FDA.
  4. Drug listing SPL submission

The below diagram will help you to understand  how to get the NDC number 

how to get ndc number

How much time will it take to get the  NDC number?

It will take about ten business days to obtain a labeler code, and after the labeler code is assigned, it will take  2 to 3 business days, to complete the drug listing process.

What information is required for NDC drug listing?

  • PProprietary name
  • PName of active ingredients and concentration
  • PName of inactive ingredients
  • P Labeler DUNS number
  • PManufacturer’s DUNS number
  • PMarketing category
  • PPackaging configuration
  • PProduct characteristics (color, size, and scoring )
  • PMarketing start date
  • PLabeling information ( Indication, Dosage, Warnings, etc..)
  • PProduct label design

How much is the FDA fee for NDC  drug listing?

FDA does not charge a fee for an NDC drug listing.

Here is our fee structure for NDC drug listing assistance.

Labeler code application  $ 399 one time fee

Drug establishment registration $ 299

Drug listing $ 299 ( fee may vary based on the  product type)

Foreign facilities are required to appoint a US Agent for labeler code application and drug establishment registration purposes.

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You can find more information about the NDC number format below.

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