How to search FDA registration number

Answer to the question “How to  search FDA Registration Number”  depends on the type of product.  FDA has maintained the database for  medical device and drug establishment registrations, whereas there is no online searchable database for food facility registration.

Here are the step by step instructions  to search FDA Registration Number


1. Food Facility Registration number

How to find food facility registration number online ?

Since there is no publicly available database ,  it is not possible to find your registration number online.  However, if you are owner of the facility, you can contact FDA and get your registration details.  If you need assistance for FDA registration number search , please contact and we will provide you step by step instructions . There is no fee for  this service.

2. FDA  Medical Device Registration and Device Listing number

Step by Step Instructions to search medical device registration number.

  1. Go to the below link

2 .  You can search by Company Name or Product name.  See the below example  screenshot.

how to search fda registration number
Medical Device Registration Search


3. After you perform  above  step , you can find establishment registration and device listing information.

You may not be able to see device listing number if those are tagged as  confidential.

If  you have any difficulties in finding  registration number,  please contact us.


3. FDA Drug Establishment Registration Search

Step by Step instruction to search Drug establishment registration number. 

  1. Click on the below link

2.  Enter the company name in query box

FDA drug registration search
FDA Drug Establishment Search


3.  After you perform search action , name of the establishment, address and validity of the registration will appear.

The above database in only for drug establishment search .

4. List of FDA approved Drugs.

If you are  looking for  FDA approved drug products  which  can be found on  the below link.


fda approved products
Orange Book


If you are not sure about how to find registration for your product or facility, please contact us. 


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