Foreign companies are required to appoint US Agent for Food Facility Registration purposes. Facilities must provide US Agent name, address, and contact information or US Agent ID  in the food facility registration form.

Why is US Agent required for Food Facility Registration?

US Agent acts as a point of contact to the FDA to communicate with foreign companies. In case FDA is unable to contact the foreign company, they will approach US Agent to communicate with the foreign company. Before the initial registration number is assigned, US agents must confirm that they act as US Agent for your company.

FDAbasics offers US Agent services and confirms the US Agent appointment quickly. Our annual fee for US Agent services is $ 299 per year, and if you pay for 2 years contract, our fee is $ 250 per year. If you have multiple facilities we can offer a discounted fee, please contact us for more information.

You can complete the US Agent appointment process online and make the payment through the below link. After receiving the completed form and the payment, we will email you the US Agent ID or US Agent details to complete the food facility registration.

U.S Agent Appointment Form

We also offer free assistance for food facility registration without an additional fee. If you need our help with food facility registration, please complete the online form at the below link. It will take 2 business days to complete the food facility registration. If you can any questions contact us.

Foreign food facility registration form