US FDA labeling requirements for food

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US FDA labeling requirements for food

Here is the summary of FDA labeling requirements for food products marketed in the USA.

FDA labeling requirements for food

Overview of US FDA labeling requirements for food

  • PThe product should bear a statement of identity (common name of the product) more prominently on the principal display panel.
  • PNet weight should appear both in US customary and metric systems ( example in Ounce and Gram)
  • PList of ingredients in the order of predominance by weight
  • PDeclaration of Allergens
  • PNutrition Facts table
  • PName and address of the manufacturer or distributor
  • PCountry of origin

The above list is just an overview of FDA labeling requirements for food products. Since food labeling is a complex task, as you start working on food labeling, you may face several challenges. Nutrition Facts labeling is one of the most critical parts of food labeling.

While creating the nutrition facts labeling, it is important to consider several aspects such as mandatory nutrient reporting, calculation of % DV , rounding rules for vitamins, mineral, and macronutrients. Formatting of the Nutrition Facts label is also one of the vital requirements.

Non-compliance to FDA labeling requirements may result in the detention and shipment refusal.

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Changes to Food labeling requirements

On May 27, 2016, FDA has updated Nutrition Facts labeling requirements. Below is a brief summary of the changes.

  • PServings in a larger and bolder type font
  • PCalories in a larger and bolder type font
  • PUpdates to serving size
  • PDaily values updated
  • PChanges to nutrient reporting
  • PChanges to footnote
  • PReporting of actual values for minerals and vitamins
  • PAddition of “Added Sugars”

Nutrition Facts labeling exemption

Foods that contain insignificant nutrition such as instant coffee (plain, unsweetened) and most spices are exempted from nutrition fact labeling requirements.

Also, small businesses are exempted from Nutrition Facts labeling requirements. FDAbasics can assist you in submitting nutrition facts exemption. Contact us for more information.

Food labeling review is a crucial and complex task since it involves in-depth verification of your product label. Labeling review is not just about verifying the presence of mandatory statements mentioned in the labeling overview which you can do yourself. Our labeling review services include beyond only mandatory verification statements required by the FDA.