FDA  Prior Notice for food It is a notification given to the US Food and Drug Administration of imported shipments of articles of food before they arrive in the United States. Prior Import Notice includes information about the product, quantity, packaging, and related facilities such as manufacturer, shipper, owner, ultimate consignee, and holding facility.

Prior notice can be given by manufacturer, exporter, brokers, importers, and US agents or individual who knows the required information.

Prior Notice will help FDA time to ;

  • Review and evaluate the information on imported food shipment prior to the product arriving in the U.S.
  • Establish resources to conduct the inspection
  • Intercept the adulterated and misbranded products

Which type of food products require prior import notice

Prior Import Notice is required for imports of all foods that are subject to the regulation.

Examples, Bakery products, canned foods, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, seafood, and eggs. Dietary supplements, Beverages, etc.

When is a Prior Import Notice required?

  • Food is imported for use, storage, or distribution in the U.S.
  • Food is transshipped to another country through the U.S.
  • Food is imported for future export.

Exemptions for the FDA Prior Import Notice

  • Individuals carrying food while arriving in the US for personal use and not for sale.
  • Individual who makes food at personal residence and sent it as a gift to an individual in the US.
  • Food which is exported without leaving arrival port until export.
  • Meat products, poultry products, and egg products are exempted from Prior Notice.

How to submit Prior Notice of a Shipment?

  • Prior Notice must be submitted electronically through FDA PNSI (Prior Notice System Interface),

The timeline for submitting a Prior Notice

What  Information required for Prior Import Notice

  • Business name & address, telephone, email address of the individual submitting Prior Import Notice.
  • Business name and address, telephone and email address of the person transmitting Prior Notice or contact details of the person who is transmitting Prior Notice on behalf of the submitter.
  • CBP identifier and entry type (if the identifier is available)
  • Identity of each product in the shipment
  1. FDA product code
  2. Product name
  3. Approximate quantity
  4. the registration number, city, and country of the manufacturer, or
  • Complete the address of the manufacturer and the reason for not providing the registration number
  • Name of grower and growing location if the product is in a natural state if known
  • Country of Production
  • Shipper’s (sender’s, if food is mailed) name and full address.
  • Food shipped from the foreign country, or, if food is imported by international mail, the anticipated date of mailing and country from which food is mailed.
  • U.S. recipient’s name and address, if food is shipped; or, for food imported by international mail, the anticipated date of mailing.
  • Name and complete address of the importer, owner, and consignee, unless the shipment is imported or offered for import for transshipment through the U.S. under a T&E entry; or, if food is imported by international mail, the U.S. recipient’s name and address.
  • Carrier and mode of transportation (except for food imported by international mail)
  • Any information regarding the planned shipment
  • Entry refusal of the article in the country. (2011 IFR)

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