Cosmetic Registration FDA

Cosmetic Facility Registration and Product Listing

FDA’s new MoCRA  regulations requires cosmetic manufacturer to register and list their facility. FDAbasics offers following services  to comply with new MoCRA regualtions. 


    1. Annual US agent services $ 299  
    2. MoCRAfacility registration is $ 199. (MoCRA Registration form)
    3. Product listing $ 129 per product (Online Product listing form
    4. FEI number Service $ 99. (Online link for FEI number Request)

     If you have any questions contact us. 


    It is also important to make sure your cosmetic is not a drug. We offer labeling review services to ensure your product is not making drug-related claims. 

    FDA does not have formal approval or clearance processes for cosmetic products. However, cosmetic products must comply with FDA registration, listing, labeling and safety requirements.  Failure to comply with these requirements may result in FDA enforcement, such as issuing warning  letters and product seizures. If you are shipping a cosmetic product from a foreign country, you must ensure the product meets the FDA’s regulatory requirements for cosmetic products. Failure to comply with FDA requirements may result in the shipment detention and import alert. 

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