U.S Agent for foreign Food, Beverage, and Dietary Supplement  Companies. 

Lowest fee, NO annual fee hike, and NO hidden fee. 

US Agent Services for foreign food companies

FDAbasics offers US Agent and food facility registration at the lowest fee. Our annual US Agent fee is $ 250 per year when you pay for two years and $ 299 when you pay for one year.  No hidden fee or annual hike in the US Agent fee. We offer free assistance for food facility registration. 

The appointment of US Agents is a mandatory requirement for foreign companies who wish to market their food products in USA. Here at FDABasics, we have established experience of providing US Agent services. The FDA communicates with foreign companies through their US Agent, and our experience means that we understand the importance of such confidential information

We provide US agent services at competitive fees, starting from just $299. Contact us for more details.

If you have multiple facilities, we can offer you a discounted fee. Please contact us for more information.