US FDA Agent Services for Foreign Companies

US Agent services for foreign companies at lowest fee. US Agent plays important role for regulatory communication.

US Agent for FDA registration
US Agent appointment is a mandatory requirement for foreign companies to register with the FDA. US Agent acts as a point of contact for the FDA to communicate with foreign companies. FDAbasics offer US Agent services at a competitive fee. Our annual US Agent fee is $ 250 per year when you pay for a two-year contract. Click here to start 

US FDA Agent Services for Foreign Companies

FDAbasics offers low-cost and reliable  US FDA Agent Services for foreign companies.

FDA US Agent , US FDA Agent

The appointment of a US Agent is a mandatory requirement for foreign companies who wish to sell drugs or pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food, and dietary supplements, in the United States.

Responsibilities of US Agent

  • PThe US agent acts to communicate between the FDA and the foreign company.
  • PAll FDA communications on important regulatory information – such as compliance issues, product-related problems, or inspection schedules – will come through the agent, so you should make sure that your chosen agent has a clear understanding of all regulatory compliance matters.
  • PYour FDA agent plays a significant role in FDA regulatory matters, which can have a direct impact on your business.

We offer US FDA Agent services to clients around the world, building on over twenty years of experience. We provide a cost-effective, high-quality service, our US Agent fee is $299 for food, dietary supplement, drug, and medical device companies for FDA registration purposes. There are no hidden costs, and we do not increase our fees for annual subscriptions.

Who should appoint US Agent ?
  • PForeign Food, drug, and medical device facilities intended to register with the FDA.
  • PForeign applicants of the NDA, ANDA, or IND
  • PCompanies intended to submit the controlled correspondence to the FDA
  • PCosmetic companies who required to register under the MoCRA Act
  • PCompanies submitting radiation reports to FDA (FDA Accession number)

Why Choose our US FDA Agent Services?

  • PEstablished experienced
  • PLowest fees
  • PNo hidden charges
  • PAll services under one roof
  • PFood facility registration and Medical Device registration and listing are both free with our U.S. Agent services
  • PNo fees for listing additional devices or proprietary names.
  • PAll services under one roof
  • PStrict client confidentiality

Your choice of US FDA Agent could mean the difference between a successful and unsuccessful process, so take the time to think through your needs. You may find our FAQ section on U.S. Agent requirements helps to answer your questions.

FDAbasics offers a reliable and cost-effective solution for U.S. Agent services for small companies. Please refer to Google and Trustpilot ratings on the home page.

We’re ready to work with you! To appoint us as your US FDA Agent, fill in the online form, and complete the payment process. Once we’ve received your payment, we’ll start supporting your registration and regulatory communications. US Agent fees for drug companies involved in the filing of NDA, ANDA, NADA, and ANADA are based on the volume of regulatory submissions; please contact us.

FDA has started the MoCRA registration portal. US agent appointment is mandatory for cosmetic facility and registration. FDAbasics offers US agent services for

cosmetic facilities.  Our fee for US agent services is $ 250 per year.  If you have any questions, contact us.