US Agent Services for Drug Companies

Our fees for US  Agent services to drug companies who are   just involved in testing, contract manufacturing , clinical studies or OTC distribution is  $ 299 charged annually, there is no other hidden fees. You can fill our online for US Agent Appointment and get US Agent information immediately. 

US agent fees  for the companies who are involved in  DMF, ANDA, NDA and other  regulatory  filing depends on the number  of filing  and their regulatory status.. Since US  Agent is responsible for transmission of regulatory  information such as deficiency letters ,  and other regulatory  filing related information to companies. Further, U S Agent has  to sign cover letters and forms for all regulatory submissions including controlled correspondence    original applications, amendments,  supplements and  annual report.  In order give the best offer for U S Agent services  we  have to evaluate  number of regulatory submission and their status, which will help us to give  you the fixed pricing. Please contact us for more information.

There are many companies providing US  Agent services,  offer  you US Agent services  lowest price and the charge hourly fees or additional charges for small work such as transmitting regulatory information. We do not charge hourly charges or  additional fees for minor assistance. In order to give transparent pricing  please give complete information. 

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