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USA Food Labeling Regulations

USA food labeling regulations vary based on the type of food product. Food product labeling requirements in the USA for Animal food, Human Food, and Human Dietary supplements are different.

FDA does not approve the food product label. However, failure to comply with food labeling requirements may result in enforcement action such as detention, warning letter, refusal to entry, or import alert.

USA Food Labeling Requirements

Food labeling requirements for Human Food Products

The product label of the food must bear the following information.

  • Nutrition Facts Table
  • Ingredient Information
  • Allergen Statement
  • Name and place of the business
  • Product Identity
  • Information about net quantity
  • Product-specific labeling requirements
  • Country of origin

Dietary Supplement labeling requirements in the USA

The Dietary Supplement product sold in the USA must contain the following information

  • Product identity
  • Supplement Facts Table
  • Name and place of the business
  • Information about ingrdients
  • Disclaimer (if required)
  • Special Warnings (if applicable)
  • Information required by Dietary Supplement and Nonprescription Drug Consumer Protection Act
  • Country of Origin
  • Net quantity information


Animal (Pet) Food Labeling Requirements in the USA

Animal or Pet food products sold in the USA  must contain the below-listed information.

  • Product identity
  • Guaranteed analysis
  • Name and place of the business
  • Calorie Statement
  • Feeding Direction
  • Nutrition Adequacy Statement

The above-listed requirements briefly summarize the labeling requirements. However, to comply with USA Food Labeling Regulations in-depth understanding of the Food labeling regulations is required. Percentage DV calculation, Nutrition claims, Health Claims, special warnings, serving size calculation, and product-specific warnings are important FDA labeling requirements.

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